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When a gorgeous cyborg travels to a foreign country to acquire needed data she runs afoul the entire native security forces and must flee for her life!


PILOT SYNOPSIS: Nora Twist is beautiful and classy, a designer, and the only one of her kind.  She's a cyborg. Mostly human except for a tiny processor in her brain.  Coupled with a generous amount of storage she's a walking data repository.  Her job is to safely transport data from one point to another securely. In a Mideast country, a malcontent steals a treasure trove of data-- information that the U.S. wants and needs.  Unable to transmit the data safely, Nora is hired to enter the country, acquire both the malcontent and the data, and return both to the U.S. Getting into the country produces only a hiccup or two but the local security forces are aware of Nora.  They surveil her immediately as they hunt down the malcontent whose theft has been discovered. Nora acquires the malcontent and this initiates a desperate sprint for the border.  Pursued by security forces, Nora and the malcontent escape dangerous situations, only to find themselves in a crisis.  Nora acquires the data which is securely stored in her brain.   Their last sprint for the border results in the death of the malcontent who sacrifices himself to save her.  Nora makes it home, mission accomplished...until the next time.




Pamela Beach is an author and screenplay writer with literary representation from Eris Talent Agency and managed by

Citizen Skull Production & Management. 

Thrilling and full of suspense.  I can't wait to see the pilot made and the series to follow.

Tim Gonzales / Reader 


This is fantastic!

Dee Brantlinger / Brantlinger Entertainment



Neon Moon is thrilling in the extreme! I felt the suspense as I was reading the script.  


Ashley Wise / Reader

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