How to clean and disinfect properly.

During this COVID 19 pandemic, it's even more important to have your home, office, & place of business cleaned & sanitized properly. Here are some tips on how to clean and disinfect properly.

1: Put on a mask and gloves. Do not touch your face.

2: If using bleach which is always my first choice, you only need 1/4 bleach to 3/4 water to kill bacteria. If you are using a store-bought disinfectant follow the direction on the bottle to prepare to solution for cleaning.

3: Open windows before you begin to clean so the rooms are well ventilated.

4: Mop all floors with the prepared bleach solution or disinfectant from one end to the other.

5: Soak microfiber cleaning cloths in prepared bleach solution or disinfectant and wipe down all frequently touched surface areas and toilet surfaces.

6: Wash all bed linen with detergent in hot water in a washing machine.

7: If a person is being tested for coronavirus, do not use any of the bedding that he/she has used until he/she is determined to be free of the infection.

8: Repeat mopping as before.

9: Put all cleaning cloths and rags in double-lined plastic trash bags.

10: Remove gloves and wash your hands with soap and water.

11: Remove mask and place mask and gloves in a double-lined plastic bag and wash your hands with soap and water again.

12: Do not throw trash bags generated from disinfecting inside your house in the trash. Instead, take them outside and throw them in your outside trash bin.

13: Shower and change clothes immediately.

14: Air/ventilate your home.

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